Church Service is where we celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ together with people of all generations, any origin or walk of life. Jesus Christ unites all of us. We praise our God with music, prayer, reading the Bible, preaching the Good News and with the community we experience there.

We celebrate Church Service in our chapel every Sunday at 10 am and invite everybody to attend. It is possible for children to play in our downstairs rooms during service.

For our English-speaking guests, service will be translated upstairs on the gallery. If you need translation into a language other than English, please contact us early enough through our church office (phone 07531/32140) or through our contact form.

After service, we enjoy community by drinking a cup of coffee or tea together. This way, we have the chance to get to know our guests and to exchange what is on our minds. There is also the opportunity to look for Bibles, books, DVDs and gift items at our bookstall.