We would love to hear from you! If interested, you have different options to get in touch with us. You can either contact us through our church office, write us an email, use the contact form or just stop by the church.

Church office

Our church office is open several hours per week. It is located downstairs in our chapel in Konstanz-Allmannsdorf. Our pastor Michael Hüttel and our Gemeindereferent Siegfried Hillebrand will be available for you. Please get in touch with us via

Email: post@baptisten-konstanz.de
Tel: 07531/32140
Fax: 07531/32176

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How to find us

If you are looking at this website on your smartphone, you can click on the map to open your navigation app.

Lorettosteig 3, 78464 Konstanz

Bus connection

The nearest bus stop is called “Tannenhof”. You can get there by taking bus number 1, 4/13, 9B and 13/4.