Small groups

Small groups are not taking place at church, but at somebody’s home. The groups are not too big and therefore have a familiar atmosphere. Together we read the bible, talk, discuss, sing and pray for each other. Meanwhile, there is always time for some snacks while having a good time. We perceive the small group as a source of strength for our everyday life.

Small groups are open to everyone who is interested. You are welcome to contact us to get more information. Please use our contact information or the contact form.

Small group Rupp-Ahrens
When? Tuesday 8pm, every second week in the odd weeks
Contact person: couples Rupp and Ahrens

Small group for young adults
When? Monday 7:30pm
Contact person: Matthias Draheim,

Bible discussion group Penzel
When? Wednesday 7:30pm
Contact person: Kay Penzel, phone 07531/45041

Congregational Bible Study

Each week we read an excerpt from the bible and study historic context and especially the meaning for our everyday life. In conversation, we try to deepen what we have learnt, tell when we have difficulties in understanding and try to find answers to questions.

Our bible study is open to everybody who is interested. It takes place in our church rooms every Wednesday at 3pm. You can get additional information via the contact form or by calling our church office.


When required, we offer courses which help people to gain a deeper understanding of certain topics concerning Christianity. For teenagers, we offer congregational bible lessons, where they will get an age-appropriate and comprehensive overview over the whole bible. People who are interested in Christian faith can take part in the alpha course.
For those interested in baptism we offer a baptism course.

All courses are open to everyone interested. They take place as needed. Please get in touch via the contact form or by calling our church office.

Group for the Elderly

Every month the elderly people meet on a Saturday afternoon. In our community we have coffee and cake, pray and have special discussion topics and lectures. Occasional trips also take place.

All elderly people, but also people of other generations are welcome. We meet in our church rooms every second Saturday of a month at 3pm.

Handcrafting group

We do crafting, sewing, knitting and all sorts of other creative work together, either for ourselves or for the initiative “Operation Christmas Child”. Of course, we also have plenty of time for fellowship.

Everyone who is enthusiastic about crafting, but also everyone who enjoys a cup of tea and some cookies is invited to join us every first Wednesday of a month between 5 and 7pm.

Prayer Group

Each week we meet as a prayer group. At the beginning of each meeting we get inspiration from a bible verse and think about its significance for our lives and our time. We also praise our Lord Jesus by beginning prayer with worship and thanksgiving. Afterwards, we pray for the concerns of the congregation, the sick, people in need and also for current events.

Prayer group is open to everyone. We meet in the church rooms every Monday at 4:30pm. You can get additional information via the contact form or by calling our church office.


SMD Konstanz is a Christian campus group at University and HTWG where Christians of all denominations meet. Every second Tuesday they meet in our church rooms for their group evening called “homezone”.

More information: SMD homepage

Chinese Bible Study Group

Every week there is a meeting of all chinese-speaking people who are interested in having community. We have lunch together, worship and study the bible.

The Chinese Group invites all Chinese-speaking friends who are interested in the Christian faith. We meet in the rooms of the Baptist Church every Monday at 6.00pm. For more information please contact

康斯坦茨华人基督教查经班邀请所有在博登湖区的弟兄姊妹,以及想更多认识我们的主耶稣基督的非信徒们,来参与我们每周日的查经活动。我们中午(Monday!)18:00开始一起吃中饭,接着一起唱诗歌敬拜赞美神。查经班,顾名思义,主要就是查考并讨论圣经经文,通过神赐下的话语来了解他、亲近他。聚会时间: 每周日中午(Monday!)18:00开始地点:康斯坦茨浸信会 Baptistengemeinde Konstanz, Lorettosteig 3, 78464 Konstanz